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Age Better & Live Longer

Rejuveron develops and invests in therapies that target geriatric diseases.
Our goal is to expand healthspan, promoting overall health, well-being and longevity as the population ages.

Rejuveron brings together experienced pharma drug developers, visionary longevity scientists and strong business leaders.

Our innovative organization is focused on transforming the most promising discoveries in aging research into therapies that extend people’s good health years and improve overall lifespan.

We are building a broad pipeline of new therapies via founding or investing in a diversified set of early-staged therapeutics companies.

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Rejuveron is building a product pipeline of breakthrough therapeutics that target the hallmarks of aging. Our portfolio companies are focused on the most pressing unmet needs in age-related diseases, including two at the clinical stage.

Our Diversified Portfolio

Our Scientific Leadership has translated the latest ‘Hallmarks of Aging’ research into a de-risked portfolio of companies that are focused on the most pressing unmet needs in diseases of aging. Two of these companies are at the clinical stage.

Whether you are a scientist with a revolutionary idea, an investor interested in our value proposition, a potential employee keen to be part of our team, or simply want to learn more, please contact us to get the conversation started.