Rejuveron CEO and Co-Founder Matthias Steger named as a 2022 In Vivo Rising Leader

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Schlieren, Zürich, Switzerland  ·  19 April 2022

Rejuveron Life Sciences AG (‘Rejuveron’), a Zürich-based biotechnology company developing therapies to promote healthy aging, is delighted to announce that its CEO and Co-Founder, Matthias Steger, PhD, MBA, has been named as a 2022 In Vivo Rising Leader. 

In Vivo's 30 Rising Leaders launched in 2020 and is updated annually. The 30 people spotlighted on the list are selected by In Vivo’s editorial team. The focus is on entrepreneurs and innovators who represent the next wave of creativity in health care. The list includes academics, CEOs of small and mid-sized companies, rising employees in larger biopharma and medtech businesses, as well as people doing exciting work to drive better health initiatives worldwide.

Matthias has more than 20 years pharma/biotech experience. He co-founded Rejuveron in 2019, with Christian Angermayer, an entrepreneurial investor and the founder of Apeiron Investment Group, with the mission of developing therapeutics that help people to age better and live longer. Under Matthias’s leadership, Rejuveron has built a highly experienced team of drug discovery and development experts focused on making therapies happen that will promote healthy aging. 

Matthias Steger, PhD, MBA, CEO and Co-Founder of Rejuveron said: “It's a real honor to have been selected as one of In Vivo’s 30 Rising Leaders for 2022, the year Rejuveron became a clinical-stage company. We all know that it’s never easy building a biotech from the ground up, but thanks to the tremendous work of the teams dedicated to our programs, we have an exciting pipeline that will help people to live longer, healthier lives. I’m happy to join the other esteemed entrepreneurs and innovators selected for this year’s list.”

Rejuveron’s business model is to create a pipeline of programs that will lead to exit scenarios after successful development, making space for creating new programs in age-related conditions. This specific program approach spreads the risk across a variety of technologies and approaches, as well as providing synergies that could accelerate speed to market in the growing field of longevity. Its current pipeline includes: Endogena Therapeutics (Switzerland/Canada, also founded by Matthias Steger), Rejuveron Senescence Therapeutics (Spain), Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics (Switzerland/USA), Rejuveron Telomere Therapeutics (Switzerland), and Rejuvenate BioMed (Belgium).

As former global head of research and technology partnering at Roche, Matthias set up 50+ collaborations and acquisitions for novel drug modalities and new drug discovery technologies and has initiated and built-up Roche’s stem cell research. Previously, he set up a pioneering orphan GPCR drug discovery company and worked in investment banking. He has served as executive board member of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, and as chair of the industry committee of International Society of Stem Cell Research.

About Rejuveron

Rejuveron is a clinical-stage biotechnology company creating therapies to improve healthy aging. Its experienced drug discovery and development team applies a deep understanding of the biology of aging, alongside technological advances in biopharmaceutical R&D, to progress a new generation of medicines that will help people to age better and live longer. 

Through its programs, each uniquely focused on preventing, repairing, or reversing the hallmarks of aging, Rejuveron is advancing a therapeutic pipeline that ranges from drug discovery to the clinic. Rejuveron’s business model is to create or acquire innovative programs, each being held within a wholly-owned or majority-owned company. 

Co-founded in 2019 by entrepreneurial scientist, Matthias Steger, and visionary investor, Christian Angermayer, Rejuveron has state-of-the-art incubator laboratory facilities and offices at its headquarters in Zürich’s Bio-Technopark (Switzerland), New York (USA), as well as program teams located in Spain and Belgium.

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