What we do

We support pioneers in the field of aging to transform their scientific discoveries into medicines. In drug discovery, there are always 99 reasons to abandon a scientific idea. At Rejuveron, we focus on the one compelling reason to scientifically explore an idea.

Our purpose

We aim to make hope a reality by delivering innovation that will help people to live healthier, longer lives. Our goal is to expand the health span of human beings, enabling all of us to enjoy a higher quality of life in old age, and reducing the burden of age-related diseases.

Hallmarks of Aging

The primary hallmarks of aging are the foundational causes of cellular damage. These are mainly related to the accumulation of DNA mutations and misfolded proteins with age.

This damage triggers the dysregulation of cellular metabolism and the accumulation of senescent cells, which in turn increases chronic inflammation across the body - the antagonistic hallmarks of aging.

Ultimately, the combination of primary and antagonistic hallmarks leads to the functional decline observed in aging.

We aim to prevent or reverse each of these hallmarks of aging.

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Genomic Instability

primary hallmark

As cells age, their chromosomes become less stable and their DNA accumulates damage and mutation. DNA repair mechanisms also start to fail which leads to more mutations and promotes aging and disease.


antagonistic hallmark

Senescent cells are cells that should have died and been destroyed, as part of normal turnover, but instead stay alive and start making many proteins that negatively affect other cells in their surrounding (so called “zombie cells”), causing multiple associated diseases. As we age, we accumulate senescent cells, something we wish to prevent.

Telomere Attrition

primary hallmark

Telomere is the name given to the ends of each of our chromosomes, which are made of our DNA. As cells divide, telomeres get shorter until they become too short, causing our cells to age and stop functioning properly.

Deregulated Nutrient Sensing

antagonistic hallmark

High metabolic activity can put stress on our cells and cause them to age. However, when cells have limited nutrients available, they enter a regenerative mode, a state which has been shown to increase lifespan in mice. Mimicking this process with small molecules has the potential to increase health- and lifespan in humans too.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

antagonistic hallmark

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells, as they use nutrients to make energy for us to live. However, with age, they build-up oxidative stress, mutations, and lose their integrity, which lead to cellular dysfunction and aging.

Stem Cell Exhaustion

integrative hallmark

With age, stem cells lose the ability to differentiate and replace cells throughout the body. This is particularly important in the bone marrow where stem cells give rise to blood and immune cells and where exhaustion of stem cells leads to a weak immune system, making the aged population particularly vulnerable to infection.

Epigenetic Alterations

primary hallmark

As cells are exposed to environmental factors, their DNA is subtly modified through epigenetic mechanisms. These changes accumulate over time, promoting alteration of gene expression which underlies several aging-related diseases.

Loss of Proteostasis

primary hallmark

Our cells are constantly renewing proteins by degrading old proteins and making new ones. When these autophagic processes starts to fail, damaged and misfolded proteins accumulate in cells, leading to cellular death and aging.

Altered Intercellular Communication

integrative hallmark

As cells age, they show an increase in self-preserving signals as opposed to adequate chemical communication with their neighbors. For example, aged cells that become senescent will trigger chronic low-grade inflammation (so called-inflammaging) which contributes greatly to the aging process.


We make healthy aging a reality by building portfolio companies focused on treatments for healthy aging. Our goal is to create a platform of portfolio companies that will lead to exit scenarios after successful development, making space for creating new portfolio companies. This specific platform model approach spreads the risk across a variety of technologies and approaches, as well as providing synergies that could accelerate speed to market in the growing field of longevity. 

Translating the science of keeping cells vital and resilient into human therapeutics to increase the healthy years of life

Developing ways of promoting healthy aging by improving telomere function

Identifying novel ways of targeting senescent cells to produce therapies that will improve health in old age

Restoring the aging vasculature of the brain to improve its function and prevent devastating conditions

Discovering and developing endogenous regenerative medicines that repair tissues and organs

How we work

We make serious science by supporting longevity pioneers to transform their discoveries into medicines.

Rejuveron invests in portfolio companies, co-founded with world-class scientific entrepreneurs, each focusing on one or more of the hallmarks of aging. Our experienced drug discovery and development team, together with a specialist scientific advisory network, provide guidance on bringing transformative ideas into the clinic. Rejuveron portfolio companies share lab space, equipment, and offices, with plug-and-play access to a state-of-the-art research infrastructure.

Through this portfolio model approach, we bring not only the capital, but also expertise in financing, operational support and a dynamic environment for great science to flourish and reach its commercial potential.

We are actively looking for transformative ideas to create new entities within the longevity field, or to collaborate on projects and technologies already being developed within Rejuveron. If you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities with us, please contact our business development team.

We're looking for motivated scientists with pioneering research they would like to accelerate into the clinic

Make your therapy available for patients with age-related conditions

Contact us if your work covers one or more of the hallmarks of aging and you want to make therapies happen

What we offer our

Drug discovery

Extensive Pharma and Biotech experience from discovery through to clinical trials

State of the art
incubator space

Incubator lab space in the Bio-Technopark ecosystem in Zurich. Work alongside multiple start-ups in the aging field


Financial support for your start-up all the way to the clinic

and admin services

Help to set up your start-up. Legal, administrative and other essential operational services


An extensive network of scientists, clinicians and drug discovery experts and consultants

Rejuveron has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in the Schlieren Bio-Technopark, less than 10 minutes from central Zürich. The park hosts more than 50 biotech companies and several university departments.

Rejuveron aims to make pioneering discoveries by enabling talented drug-hunters to focus on the serious business of their science. Our teams reinforce each other, encouraging people to push scientific boundaries and go beyond of what would normally be possible.

“The Rejuveron team is an extension of our own, and we co-create everything.”