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Today, 1st October, has been designated the international day of old people by the United Nations. It was instigated in 1990 to honor our elderly and commemorate what the older generations have accomplished in order to build the society we now enjoy.

Yet still for many people, old age means a deterioration in health, reduced mobility, cognitive functioning, and relentless pain. Age-related diseases continue to place an unsustainable burden on healthcare systems across the world. Is this what we wish for ourselves, our children, or indeed the 1 billion people alive aged over 60?

As we aspire to live longer and becoming ‘elderly’ means being over 80 not over 60, how can we turn today’s generation into ‘Generation Health’?

Science has made remarkable progress in prolonging life – and now it is set to make the same progress in prolonging healthy life. In the past decade, scientists have started to identify the biological mechanisms of aging. The fundamental causes of aging and the biological damage that leads to disease, are being unraveled and we are seeing the dawn of real anti-aging medicine. For ‘Generation Health’, medical intervention will not only treat and prevent disease to enable us to live longer, crucially, it will also offer treatments to enable that extended lifespan to be lived healthier.

Examples of amazing science include the area of senolytics, a range of drugs that can clear damaged cells from an old body, which has already shown dramatic rejuvenating effects in mice. Another area is vascular aging: being able to restore the damage to the vascular system in the brain opens up new approaches to treat cognitive decline. Furthermore, the science of understanding telomere biology is advancing a new generation of therapies to repair or reset cellular damage.

These findings are just some components in the area of therapies that tackle age-related conditions, a sector that is undergoing rapid expansion. Rejuveron is taking the lead in this area, building up a portfolio of companies that work together to explore the mechanisms of aging and develop therapies that are able to increase our healthy lifespan.

We’re not only imagining a future without chronic, debilitating disease where the elderly can live life to the full, we’re already making therapies happen and are on our way to creating ‘Generation Health’.

We invite you to take a glimpse into this brave new world at the second Rejuveron “Age Better, Live Longer Symposium:​ Accelerating innovation in longevity research​”

16.00 – 20.00 CET / 07.00 – 11.00 PDT 28th October 2021​

Find out more and register here.

Health is indeed the ultimate wealth!