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What we do

Our purpose

Addressing the significant strain on global health systems

Understanding the hallmarks of aging

Aging is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. The Hallmarks of Aging are those pathways that underlie human aging, represented within their three respective groups: primary, antagonistic and integrative.

Primary hallmarks of aging are the foundational causes of cellular damage. These are mainly related to the accumulation of DNA mutations and the impact of misfolded proteins with age. This damage triggers a dysregulation of cellular metabolism and an accumulation of senescent cells, which represent the antagonistic hallmarks of aging. These in turn cause integrative impacts, such as increased chronic inflammation throughout the body.

It is the combination of primary and antagonistic hallmarks which leads to the functional declines that are commonly observed in aging. Our goal is to develop and invest in therapies that prevent or reverse each of these hallmarks of aging, thereby expanding healthspan and promoting overall health and well-being as people age.

Our Diversified Portfolio

We make healthy aging a reality by building portfolio companies focused on treatments for healthy aging. Our goal is to create a platform of portfolio companies that will lead to optimal exit scenarios after successful development, making space so that we can continue to create new portfolio companies.

This specific platform model approach spreads the risk across a variety of technologies and approaches, while providing synergies that could accelerate the speed to market in this growing field of longevity.

Clinical Stage



Rejuveron Senescence Therapeutics
Rejuveron Telomere Therapeutics


Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics

Progress and Milestones

The timeline below showcases the progress made by our portfolio companies across their lifecycle to date, as well as our forecast upcoming milestones and catalysts.