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Rejuveron Telomere Therapeutics

Patrick Schnider PhD

VP Medicinal Chemistry - Rejuveron Telomere Therapeutics

Patrick has worked in the industry as a medicinal chemist and preclinical project team leader for more than 20 years, contributing as an inventor and co-inventor of seven compounds which entered clinical development, with one of these reaching the market.
Chien Chi Hsiao PhD

Head of Medicinal Chemistry - Rejuveron Senescence Therapeutics

Chien Chi’s pharma experience spans discovery projects in therapeutic areas of oncology, Alzheimer’s, and infectious disease. In addition to his background in novel therapeutic modalities, he provides expertise in state-of-the-art synthetic methodologies and technologies, including AI software, HTE, and parallel synthesis.
Marianna Feretzaki PhD

Chief Executive Officer A.I. - Rejuveron Telomere Therapeutics

Marianna provides expertise in biology, in assay development for drug discovery and leads academic collaborations. A Marie Curie and NIH Fellowship recipient, she brings 20 years of research experience encompassing telomere biology (EPFL) and infectious diseases (Duke University).